Ekotoi 1200



It looks almost like a classic water toilet. Except he doesn’t need water or sewage. The proposed EkoToi 1200 combustion toilet is a modern alternative solution for all areas where it is not possible to place a traditional toilet.

Product description

The waste is automatically disposed of by incineration, odorless and hygienically. After a week of use by a family of up to 5 members, only about 2-3 deciliters of ash will remain in the waste part of the toilet. It is absolutely free of any bacteria that have been destroyed by the heat. The ash can be used as a fertilizer, so the toilet is 100% ecological. The toilet is powered by single-phase voltage (230 V, 10 A). In the event of a power failure, it can run on batteries for 20 minutes. The battery status is monitored, see. instructions for use.The outer cover of the toilet is indistinguishable from a classic ceramic toilet. Its non-porous surface is easy to clean and is therefore maximally hygienic.

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It looks almost like a classic water toilet. Except it doesn’t need water or sewage.

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