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Almost everywhere there is no water or sewage, but there is an electrical connection. It is especially suitable for cottages, chalets, houseboats, ecological houses, small shops, mountain guesthouses, or caravans. Toilet options exceed your expectations.

Simply. Our team will come to install the toilet for you, or you can install it yourself. Nothing will be demolished or remodeled. All you have to do is connect the toilet to the existing ventilation shaft / pipe and connect it to the mains.

Yes, absolutely. Each time it is used, a waterproof ecological insert is inserted into the bowl, which prevents the waste from coming into contact with the toilet surface. All bacteria in the waste are then destroyed during incineration. The ash can even be used as a safe organic fertilizer.

Not. The toilet is equipped with a catalytic converter and its own silent fan, which discharges any possible odor into the ventilation duct and out of the building. The fan is quiet (comparable to air conditioning).

You can easily order more from us. The package contains 500 pieces.

The toilet is very economical. The toilet spends only about 850 Wh on single use on average!

Safe mode starts and toilet has a built-in rechargeable battery, which provides energy for ventilation and control unit. The average endurance is 3 “flushes” resp. approx. 20 minutes of operation in emergency mode.

Yes, the toilet can also burn ordinary toilet paper or handkerchiefs. It is used as a classic water toilet, unless it works without water.

Yes, the combustion toilet works exactly the same at plus and minus temperatures.

It looks almost like a classic water toilet. Except it doesn’t need water or sewage.

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